Disability Tax Credit

The Canadian Government over the years has made available tax relief to people with disabilities in the form of non-refundable tax credits. While hundred of thousands of people are already taking advantage of this provision, millions are still unaware of this benefit or are not claiming the full benefits because of the complexities involved in the process. At Care Benefit Services (CBS), we have made the process extremely simple for the applicants. We have dedicated a team of experts just to make sure that you get all the benefits you missed in last many years and that you get every penny you are eligible for in the future. 

Applicants can be individuals who think they have disability but are not sure if their disability qualifies for the benefit or they can be individuals who are already accepted for disability benefits but are not getting the full amount they are entitled to.

With recent addition in benefits, now is the best time to get in touch with us and find out what you have been missing on for the last so many years. Our consultation is free and you do not pay anything for all the hard work till we get you your right.

Would like to know more?

-Do you think you have a disability for which you want to get approved for benefits?

-Do you have a disability that affects or restricts you from perfoming daily tasks and activities?

-Or, are you a caregiver of a person with a disability?

-Are you already claiming benefits but not sure if you are claiming all the benefits.

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then you may be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC). Contact Care Benefit Services today and speak to one of our qualified agents and book your free consultations today.

Or if you have and questions about Care Benefit Services, or about the Disability Tax Credit, click on the link below for our questions and answer page about the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) or the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

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