Mortgage Insurance

What is Mortgage Insurance?

Looking for a house to buy is not a challenge you take lightly. You have no doubt already figured out what you need in terms of space, number of rooms, style, neighbourhood, and state of repair. The purchase of a house is an important financial decision, and it is definitely a smart idea to protect the biggest investment of your life.

The objective of Mortgage Insurance is to enable you to avoid leaving a significant debt for your surviving family members. This plan enables your loved ones to keep the house and all the benefits associated with it, rather than having to sell it, in the event of your death prior to repayment of the mortgage loan.

Care Insurance & Financial Ltd, first and foremost, helps you find your best options that enables you to pay all or part of your mortgage loan balance.

Find out the difference types of mortgage insurance available to you. Don't get drawn in by the banks before you speak with us. Call Today.

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