tax planning

Don't just do tax filing, rather focus on tax planning

  • Minimize Tax
  • Maximize Refund
  • Proper Tax Consultation
  • Integrated Review of Your Finacial Position
  • Advice for RRSP
  • Audit Assistance & Advice
  • Year Round Service
  • Reasonable Fees

The three ‘D's to investing are deduct, defer and divide. You must be able to understand all of these important functions in order to do effective tax planning.

Tax Planning vs Tax filing

There’s a big difference between tax preparation and tax filing. Planning will get you to your goals faster because it gives you the ability to implement strategies in the future to reduce the amount of tax you pay and increase your net income. Where as tax filing simply put is filing your taxes.

how it works

first Send us your tax related documents by Mail/Email/Fax/or deliver
in person. We will review & prepare initial tax summary for your

second, Setup an appointment by calling our office # (416)493-2273

free tax filing for seniors and the disabled
(Some conditions may apply)

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